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Stadsvilla Mozaic

tolhek kerkhoflaan den haag

Fine roots

Stadsvilla Mozaic on Laan Copes of Cattenburch has a special story. The street was built in 1870 and is named after Lodewijk Constantijn Rabo Copes van Cattenburch. In 1824, he was appointed sole mayor of The Hague by King William I. He invested much in the city's growth. Because he believed that the city air was bad for the residents’ health, he took steps to change it. In 1825, he commissioned the construction of a canal, ‘Het Kanaal’, separating Scheveningen from the centre of The Hague. The canal also served to purify the city's water supply. Ultimately, his purpose was not achieved; the canal never made it further than Seinpostduin. Still, the fishermen of Scheveningen could use the new connection to deliver their fish to the city. 

Back in time | the Mozaic building

The hotel building dates from 1882 and has a rich history. Did you know that, in 1890, the director of Siemens came to live here? He was the first person in the neighbourhood to own a real car. And did you know that the property has also been in the hands of Dutch Homeland Security? In the 1950s and 1960s, executive management training was given here, and the division was headed by Cees van den Heuvel. After that, the building was used as a retirement home, and in around 1975, it became Hotel Cattenburch. In 1995, it merged with number 38, the building next door.

cattenburch den haag
renovation Stadsvilla Mozaic

From dream to reality

Ever since she was a child, Corina Waaijer dreamed of opening her own hotel. The only way to make her dream come true was to take the plunge and just do it! While on holiday in Asia, Corina sat in a small restaurant, thinking about how to make it happen. The restaurant was called 'Mozaic’, and so the name of Corina's first hotel was born. ‘For me, that moment on holiday in Asia symbolises my choice to pursue my ideals, to put an end to my day job. To me, 'Mozaic' represents colour, variation and variety, while still preserving unity.’

Her dream came true when Corina received the keys to the beautiful historic property on 31 December 2007, which she had taken over from the previous owner. Renovations could begin.

‘We left the building's facade and front view intact and tried to restore its former glory. Inside, much had already been renovated and altered when we bought it. That is why we initially concentrated on safety and aesthetics, things like straight corridors, a clear and comfortable layout, modern fire safety measures and, of course, a beautiful interior.’

But accidents are never far away, a fact that our facilities services officer discovered when he was hit by a beam. We went to the local Albert Heijn supermarket on Bankastraat to fetch a bag of ice for the swelling. Since they didn't have any ice, the supermarket manager gave him a free bag of peas to hold against his head.

After almost a year of hard work, Corina's first hotel was opened by Frits Huffnagel on 12 December 2008. Her dream had become a reality.

Feel at home

Stadsvilla Mozaic is an oasis of peace and luxury on the outskirts of the city centre, where everything is within walking distance. The 25 rooms all have a unique layout. We have included a lot of photographic wallpaper depicting various locations in The Hague, such as the Scheveningen woods, the beach and the skyline. One of our aims with the wallpaper was to show our guests what the city has to offer. Our friendly staff ensure a comfortable stay for our guests, from arrival to departure. We believe that a homely, intimate atmosphere and personal service are the keys to a pleasant stay, where our guests feel at home and get the service they deserve. Experience the boundless hospitality of Stadsvilla Mozaic. Come visit us soon!

Lobby stadsvilla Mozaic

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